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Marcus Miller,

Founder + Affiliate Broker


Marcus Miller’s tried-and- true holistic approach to working with clients has made a noteworthy ripple throughout the San Francisco real estate community. For nearly 17 years his hallmark commitment to being an advocate for his clients has fostered a well-respected and trustworthy reputation. He has sold over a quarter billion in volume in his time in real estate. Balanced by a rich history of unique experiences as a decorated U.S. Navy veteran and accomplished academic, Marcus has built a momentous and honorable real estate career.

Attributed to his time in the Navy’s “silent (submarine) service” deep in the North Atlantic during the Cold War and ending with the removal of the Berlin Wall, Marcus shines as a testament to the designation of stress-tested. By embracing his ability to thrive in demanding environments with a balanced calmness, Marcus assuredly leads his clients on exhilarating journeys as they navigate the extraordinary San Francisco real estate market together. Graduating summa cum laude from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast and electronic communications along with his Masters in management have strengthened Marcus’s foundation as a relationship- based advisor. He continually asks his clients the questions that lead him to carving out engaging and personalized paths to their real estate goals. Grounded by his entrepreneurial spirit and cheerful demeanor, Marcus wholeheartedly establishes himself to each client as a real estate consultant for life.

After his tenure at one of San Francisco’s premier luxury brokerages, Marcus and his wife Marlena established their own brand, Helm Real Estate. With the thoughtful naming of the business, their team of real estate consultants have vowed to lead their clients toward their goals,  strategically encompassing all factors along the way. As San Francisco residents and homeowners themselves, Marcus and Marlena guide a team of like-minded professionals who have a passion for the unique culture and diverse landscape of the city. Raised in the Caribbean, Marcus is bilingual with fluency in Spanish, serving as an asset in the city’s multi-cultural community.

Attracted by their qualitative nature and pioneering approach to the industry, Helm Real Estate partnered with Reside, the most innovative and tech-forward brokerage in the Bay Area. For Helm Real Estate, the partnership presents the opportunity to maximize their ability to improve the quality of life for its team members in a nurturing environment to generate superior care for their clients. Marcus has traveled extensively throughout the world, enjoys public speaking, is a student of martial arts and loves to cook for his family and friends. With an established work/life balance within Helm Real Estate, Marcus has the time to appreciate life and spend quality time with his wife Marlena and their son and daughter.

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